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Weather Stations

IoT Automatic Weather Station: SNiP-AWS 


Built upon the MetOne MSO integrated 5-parameter sensor, the SNiP-AWS is an easily deployed, high accuracy system designed for industry-grade applications.

Wind Speed and Wind Direction are measured using conventional cup and vane techniques. All other measurements are housed in a multi-plate naturally aspirated radiation shield to reduce solar radiation heating errors.

The temperature sensor is a platinum RTD. Relative humidity is a based on an accurate solid-state sensor designed for continuous exposure to adverse climates.

The barometric pressure sensor is a robust piezoresistive device featuring high accuracy and long-term stability. An external stainless steel 0.2mm/0.25mm precision tipping bucket rain gauge connects simply and allows for correct installation and siting per industry guidelines.

The system is powered by an 13Ah Li-Ion battery and 10 – 20W solar panel, scaled to suit the region of installation.
The SNiP-AWS is supplied with all support and power and monitoring hardware making it a drop-in solution for any IoT Network.


This Station Measures

  • Wind Speed (m/sec)

  • Wind Direction (°)

  • Temperature (°C)

  • Relative Humidity (RH %)

  • Barometric Pressure (kPa)

  • Rainfall (mm)

Additional SNiP Extension:

  • Solar Radiation

  • Soil Moisture / Soil Temperature

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