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Vampire Sampler  | for sampling liquids in the field

gambar vampire sampler 1-01.jpg

Transportable, hose pump for liquids, independent of mains power.
Ideal for sampling from barrels, tanks, wells, water separators and sewage and purification systems.

Vampire is packed in a handy transport case with: drive unit, two rechargeable batteries, battery charger, LED lamp, bottle holder, bottle LDPE 250 ml, hose pump and 5 m hose made of PE.


  • Easy cleaning, liquid is only in contact with the hose

  • Independent of mains power with rechargeable batteries and charger, incl. replacement battery

  • Sampling directly into the original sample bottle

  • Suction height up to 5 m

  • Also suitable for contaminated substances or media containing particles

  • Good chemical resistance

  • Good delivery rate up to 2.0 l/min

gambar vampire sampler 1-02-01.jpg
table vampire sampler-01.jpg
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