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The Nexus 8

The NEXUS 8 range of LoRaWAN™ gateways combine a highperformance LoRaWAN™ radio with multiple back-haul technologies, simplifying the deployment of IoT networks in urban and rural areas. The 8-channel low-power long-range LoRa® ISM-band radio is suitable for coordinating thousands of IoT devices within a radius of up to 25 km.

Off-the-grid rural or difficult urban deployment is straightforward using the Nexus8 Field Station, supplied with an IP67-rated enclosure and solar power system. The built-in multiconstellation GNSS can accurately locate the gateway and assists with gateway time synchronisation and radio transmit frequency calibration. The Embedded Linux operating system which powers the gateway is fully open to the user, enabling custom configuration and application installation.

The Nexus 8


  • OS Definium Linux 4.x Kernel (Arch Linux derivative)

  • Software pre-installed for managing all features

  • Hardware 1 GHz ARM A8 with 512 MB RAM

  • 16 GB MicroSD storage (OS installed on card)

  • LTE/3G Up to 10 Mbps down / 5 Mbps up
    FDD LTE Bands: 1, 3, 5, 7, 28


Certifications and Security

  • AS/NZS 60950.1:2011, AS/NZS 4268:2012,

  • Secure cryptographic storage of keys and certificates

  • Hardware random number generator


  • 8-channel LoRaWAN™ Gateway

  • RSSI geo-location capable

  • Packet forwarders for major networks

  • LoRa®/FSK ISM band low-power long-range radio

  • RX: 8_125kHz LoRa®, 1_500kHz LoRa®, 1_FSK

  • TX: 1_LoRa®/FSK (half-duplex)

  • RX Sensitivity –137 dBm

  • Maximum TX power 20 dBm EIRP

  • Concurrent multi-constellation GNSS (3)

  • GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou support

  • GPS time synchronisation


Electrical Data

Environmental Data & Reliability

Electrical Data
  • Power supply 12 V nominal, range 10 V to 24 V DC

  • Power-over-ethernet, 44 V to 57 V

  • Consumption 5 W average, 7 W peak 

  • Operating range –20°C to 60°C

  • RoHS compliant (lead-free) 

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