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SteriPlast® Sample Spatula

Gambar sample spatula-01.jpg
tabel sterilplast sample spatula-01.jpg

The SteriPlast® sample spatula made of polystyrene is produced and assembled in our clean room of class 7 (10,000), individually packaged for disposable use and then sterilised by gamma rays.

As a result of the long, ergonomically-shaped, stable handle and a sharp blade, it is possible to even penetrate directly into containers such as paper or plastic sacks. The sample spatula is ideal for sampling powders, granulates and pastes.

The scoop with transparent sealing sleeve can be closed again immediately after sampling and the exclusion of contamination can be safeguarded for the sterile sample taken.


  • PS, white

  • ndividually packaged and sterilised by gamma rays

  • Production, assembly and packaging according to clean room class 7

  • Complies with EU food requirements and FDA regulations

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