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SteriPlast® from Burkle

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Bürkle SteriPlast® products – scoops, spatulas and spoons – are high-quality, ergonomically shaped disposable products that are specially designed and optimised for sampling purposes. They are produced, assembled and individually packed in Bürkle’s own clean room and then sterilised by gamma rays (min. 10 kGy).

The SteriPlast® products thus meet all the requirements for absolutely sterile sampling with first class certification.

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SteriPlast® bio-products are only manufactured with renewable raw materials and then also sterilised by gamma rays (min. 10 kGy). To create a completely sustainable product, the individual packaging is also made of bio-PE. This is 100 % recyclable and is manufactured

without fossil raw materials. This also involves a CO2 saving as well as a reduction of the greenhouse effect.
The highest purity and ecological sustainability combined perfectly!

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