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Soil Oxygen Meter

Product Overview

The SOM1 Soil Oxygen Meter is a stand-alone logging instrument for the measurement of soil oxygen content [%] of soils.
The SOM1 can support up to five ICT02 Soil Oxygen Sensors, The SOM1 is a continuously logging instrument, for in-situ measurement soil oxygen content [%]. Sensors are designed to be installed in the field for days to years at a time

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Geotechnical Engineers

The ICTO2 SOil Oxygen Sensor is not affected by saline or sadic soils and can be used in wide ranging applications. For example. In the mining and landfill industries, the sensors could be buried in waster to aid assessment of the effectiveness of cover designed to reduce oxygen flux into the waste.

Plant Physiologists
Plant species vary in their tolerance to anaerobic and oxygen deprived soils.
The Soil Oxygen Meter can quantity the exact level of tolerance for all plant species.
Plant root systems uptake oxygen to support respiration and other energy requirements. With additional measurements this decrease in oxygen content can be related to plant or microbe activity
The formation of cerenchyma in plant roots is a common morphological response to decreased oxygen in soil. The Soil Oxygen Meter can be used to quantity the level of soil oxygen content whereby this occurs for individual plants.



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