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SMM - Soil Moisture Meter

Product Overview

The Soil Moisture Meter (SMM) is a stand-alone logging instrument for the measurement of  soil volumetric moisture content of soils and other materials.

The SMM can support up to 10 x standing wave sensors (MP406 or MP306) or up to 10 x capacitance sensors.

The SMM is a fully self-contained unit requiring power input form a 20 Volt/20W solar panel (field applications) or 24 V DC power supply (laboratory applications).

Communication is via a USB port or ICT wireless connectivity. The SMM logger is IP-65 rated and is controlled by a Windows and Mac driven GUI (Combined Instrument Software) or  complete logging solutions including look-up table, scripts and sensor calibration capabilities.

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  • Soil Volumetric Moisture Content (%)

  • Forest and Catchment Hydrology

  • Irrigation Scheduling

  • Soil Columns and Geo-Engineering



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• Power Management
• Internal Lithium-Polymer Battery
• Power On/Off Switch    
• Internal Voltage Regulator

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  • Stand Alone Logging USB Connectivity

  • 24-Bit Resolution

  • MicroSD Expendable

  • Wireless Data Transfer

  • IP65 rated

  • ICT Combined Instrument Software


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