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Seal-it Security Seal  | for retention samples and tamper-proof packs

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Seal-it Security Seal.jpg

Retention samples are kept to provide a sample for comparison at a later date. The unambiguous proof that the retention sample is identical to the original sample is only possible with clearly marked and sealed containers. However, sealing is frequently not
possible unless eyelets are present.

seal-it provides the solution! The seal-it self-adhesive label sticks to all conventional containers. Thanks to its unbelievable adhesive power it cannot be removed.

If a container opening is closed with seal-it, then the container cannot be opened without destroying the seal-it label. seal-it is additionally provided with several cross-perforations which immediately tear when manipulated like a motorcar tax disc.

seal-it can be used to securely seal bottles, sample bags, sacks, specimen bags, envelopes, etc. – in principle any type of container. The aluminium foil adapts seal-it to any container shape. The white labelling field on seal-it can be written on with all conventional writing tools with, for example, contents information, sampling date, name of operator, etc.

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  • Clear identification via numbers in sequence

  • Integrated control label with the same number, for accompanying documents

  • Format 178 mm long, 30 mm wide

  • Tear-off perforation for each label

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