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Shaking device SA 1028

  • analogue setting of time (1–15 min or continuous) and shaking frequency

  • reciprocating motion: settings in 4 steps possible of up to 200 rpm

  • constant amplitude of 20 mm independently of loading

  • roll rack easy to remove

  • fast mounting of the laboratory clamps EK 10–250 (to be ordered separately)

  • shaking platform approx. 410 × 280 mm (l × w)

  • mounting of 36 ×10-ml-flasks or 36 × 25-ml-flasks or 18 × 50-ml-flasks or 12 × 100-ml-flasks or 10 × 250-ml-flasks

  • required floor space for SONOSHAKE approx. 850 × 360 mm (l × w)

  • The shaking device SA 1028 can also be added to existing SONOREX DIGITEC DT 1028 F ultrasonic bath.


SONOSHAKE offers a wide range of applications for
sample preparation in many areas of analysis,
for example, in environmental and foodstuffs analytics as well as in the area of medical diagnostics. Sedimentation in the sample can be solved by defined shaking. An additional sonication allows a good homogenising.

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