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Plastic Scoops and Scrapers

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Scoops and scrapers for foodstuffs Polypropylene’s easy-to-clean, smooth and pore-free surface makes these scoops extremely suitable for the food sector. The scoops can be also used for boiling products.


  • For foodstuffs (FDA and (EU) Nr. 10/2011)

Iron scoops are loud, they can be dented, they rust and they are heavy. Plastic scoops have none of these disadvantages and are also hygienic because they are made in one piece and have a non-stick surface. They also have a high chemical resistance, they are unbreakable and, depending on the version, may be anti-static, anti-microbial, suitable for use with food and available in different colours (cadmium-free) – all valuable advantages!

Depending on the version the scoops may be anti-static, anti-microbial, suitable foruse with food and  available in different colours (cadmium-free).

The scoops and scrapers are made of polypropylene and contain additives for different applications:

  • Industry: green

  • Foodstuffs: white 


Six products:

  • Scraper with fixed handle

  • Hand scoop

  • Filling scoop, ideal for sampling

  • 2-part shovel with D-grip

  • 2-part shovel with T-grip

  • 1-part shovel reduces contamination

Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, foods, feed, chemistry, industry, agriculture, fish farming, sampling, veterinary use. 

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