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PharmaSpoon   | for ultrapure sampling bottle

gambar pharmaspoon-01.jpg

PharmaSpoon for taking samples of powdery substances, intermediate products and material in the pharmaceutical industry. Special materials with excellent surface qualities must be used for this to prevent cross-contamination. Our PharmaSpoon fulfils these requirements. Made of stainless steel AISI 316L (1.4404), surface highly polished by hand (not electro-polished!). The excellent surface properties of the PharmaSpoon provide significant advantages.

  • Possible residues are even visible in the trace sector (μg sector)

  • The surface is easy to clean

  • The PharmaSpoon is also suitable for sterile sampling


The PharmaSpoon was developed by an internationally known pharmaceutical company in Basel, Switzerland, and its usefulness has been confirmed in actual practice.

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