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Pressure Plate Extractor

Product Overview 

Pressure Extractors are used in determining the water-holding characteristics of soil samples, Wetted soil samples are placed in the extractor, and a known pressure is applied, which forces the removal of any water held to the soil at a tower pressure. By analysing the sample at several different pressures, the characteristic pressure versus water content relationship can be determined for the soil.

A variety of extractors are available for analysing different sizes and quantities of samples, and for analysing different sizes and quantities of samples, and for analysing samples in different pressure range. All Pressure Extractors require a source of regulated pressure for operation.

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The Modal 1500F 15 Bar Pressure Plate Extractor is used in determining the permeability of undisturbed soil cores, and in studies of the hysteresis effect in soils. Soil solution may be extracted in increments at known suction values for chemical analysis. The versatile Pressure Extractors also find application in the calibration of various moisture-measuring equipment and in ultra filtration work, such as the separation of heavy protein molecules from dilute solutions.


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