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Microclimate Systems

SNiP-A41 Weather Station

SNiP-A41 Weather Station

The SNiP-A41 an all in one agricultural / research grade micro-environment weather station. Housed in a slim, tubular form factor, the SNiP-A41 has no moving parts, which minimises supporting infrastructure requirements, and makes installation and maintenance
easy. The SNiP-A41 is supplied with all support power and mounting hardware making it a drop-in solution for any IoT network.


Displaying Weather Data


Dataview Web

ICT International offers a web-based data visualisation service, compatible with all ICT
Loggers, Nodes and Telemetry Systems.

Featuring customised dashboards; real time data processing and filtering; communications and parameter state alarms; group-based and administrator level security; and metadatafiling.

Displaying Weather Data
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