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MC-100 Chlorophyll Concentration Meter

Product Overview

The MC-100 Chlorophyll Concentration Meter directly measures and displays chlorophyll concentration from intact leaf samples without damaging the plant material.

This data can be used to monitor environmental stress, evaluate the demand and efficacy of fertiliser treatments and optimise harvest schedules throughout the growing season.

Teaching and Research Applications
Monitoring environmental stress, evaluating efficacy of fertiliser treatments, optimising harvest schedules, pest control, crop breeding.

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Measure Chlorophyll in μmol per m2

Chlorophyll is vital for photosynthesis and its concentration indicates plant health and nutrition. Apogee is proud to announce a major advance in the non-destructive measurement of leaf chlorophyll concentration.

Apogee has developed a competitively priced optical meter that outputs a measured estimate of chlorophyll in units of μmol of chlorophyll per m2 of leaf surface. 

The linear output of this patent pending meter is a significant improvement over older style meters, which output indexes that are non-linearly related to leaf chlorophyll.

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