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ICT International Water Level Meter (WLM)

Product Overview 

The ICT Water Level Meter (WLM) is a rugged, self-contained, standalone logger designed to collect and  transform data from SDI-12 sensors, the WLM is able to receive up to 255 parameters from a maximum of 62 individual sensors via Combined Instrument Software (CIS). Designed to allow easy access to the collected data, the WLM Logger stores data on an internal micro SD card for retrieval either using the USB port, 2.4GHz wireless network, or when combined with the ICT International Telemetry hub via the mobile phone or Iridium satellite networks.

The WLM converts recorded level into flow rates or volumes based on user defined parameters: 

  • Rating table 

  • Conditional power equations

  • Polynomial equations


The ICT Water Level Meter provides a data collection solution for catchment wide water level and flow monitoring applications.

  • Input level offsets to reference water level to an elevation or local datum point.

  • Depth to groundwater level logging capabilities.

  • Load flow rating tables and equations to output real-time flow data.

  • Input storage rating curves for real-time storage volumes.

  • Live data-view for monitoring pumping draw down rates in groundwater sampling.

ICT International Water level meter
ICT International Water level meter
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