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Handheld Laser Leaf Area Meter

Product Overview

Rapid and Non-Destructive

Perform non-destructive, high-resolution leaf measurements on living plants in any environment with this super light-weight tool. Single-handed operation and unlimited data storage make the CI-203 perfect for the field or the lab. Use the optional CI-203 Conveyor Attachment to achieve rapid measurements of numerous detached leaf samples, and export data later on for further analysis.

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  • One-Touch Data—sweep the CI-203 over a leaf to yield seven measurement parameters: area, width, length, perimeter, shape factor, ratio, and void count

  • Non-destructive and multipurpose

  • Durable, lightweight, and intuitive    

  • Graphic display of leaf outline for scan verification

  • GPS tagging to provide location data for each measurement 

  • SD Card for data storage with virtually unlimited storage capacity

  • USB charging and data download

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Measures objects up to 150 mm (254 mm with conveyor) wide and 25 mm thick of virtually unlimited length

  • Conveyor Attachment (CI-203CA) is available for fast measurement in the field or lab

  • No user calibration required

  • Includes communication software, operational manual, and hard-shell carrying case


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  • Agronomists use the CI-203 to measure response of corn leaf area across treatments.

  • Plant physiologists use the CI-203 to relate leaf shape characteristics to gas exchange measurements.

  • Ecologists use the CI-203 to measure leaf area of invasive species.


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