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Dip Sampler, plunging siphon  

gambar dip sampler 1-01.jpg

Dip sampler for simple removal of liquid samples. Good view due to transparent tubes. Upper end with reflux valve, lower end with ball valve.

  • PP, transparent

  • Dip sampler, item no. 5315-0200, steplessly extendable from 100 cm to 200 cm

  • All-layer and point sampling possible

gambar dip sampler 2-01.jpg

All-layer sample

  1. Insert the dip sampler slowly into the liquid with the valve open.

  2. Close valve.

  3. Pull the dip sampler back and take out the sample.

Point sampling/bottom sample

  1. Insert the dip sampler to the targeted point/to the ground with closed valve.

  2. Open the valve - the liquid flows in.

  3. Close the valve.

  4. Pull out the dip sampler, take out the sample

tabel dip sampler-01.jpg
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