Realtime Dendrometry Data


Stem diameter is one of the most commonly measured attributes of trees. Dendrometers are used to measure the diameter of fruits, plants and trees. High resolution dendrometers are used to monitor the diurnal swelling and shrinkage of stems. During the day stems “shrink” as stomata open and the tree transpires. At night the stem “swells” due to cessation of transpiration and trunk refilling of moisture.

Maximum Daily trunk Shrinkage (MDS), the calculated difference in daily minimum and maximum stem diameter, is a commonly used parameter in irrigation scheduling. Significant crop research has been undertaken in this field to explore the correlation of MDS to physiological and abiotic parameters including soil moisture and water potential, vapor pressure deficit (VPD) and stem water potential.

Seasonal datasets can be used to compare fertilisation treatments, pruning, thinning or drought treatments. In forestry dendrometers are used for long term data collection in the study of growth dynamics, biomass allocation and carbon uptake. In horticulture
Dendrometers are used to monitor MDS for irrigation management.

Band Dendrometer


Dendrometer bands are a long accepted and widely used method of measuring tree circumference and can provide changes in tree diameter at breast height (DBH), basalarea, and basal area increment. The DBS60 Band Dendrometer is a high resolution (1μm [0.001mm]), non-invasive sensor capable of measuring a wide range of diameters (50mm>). The stainless-steel band has a very low linear thermal co-efficient. Thermal variations caused by daily or seasonal changes in temperature have no measurable impact on the measurement accuracy. The DBS60 is IP66 rated and is designed to be installed in theharshest field conditions for years at a time.


Pivot Dendrometer

Pivot dendrometers are designed for simple, error free installation, being fastened on the stem by a spring-based lever clamp. Adherence pressure is set as a compromise between the influence on plant tissues and installation stability. The DPS40 Pivot Stem Dendrometer is a high-resolution pivot-based sensor for measurement of small stems, from 5mm to 40mm, the bearing of the position sensor is carefully shaped for minimal effect of temperature and axial forces.