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Close-it Tape

Close-it Tape.jpg
  • Customizable

  • Different designs

  • For larger holes or longer tears in containers

gambar close-it tape 2-01.jpg
gambar close-it tape 3-01.jpg

Besides the individually detachable close-it and close-it food & pharma closure labels, our repeatedly tested and proven control seal is now also available on a continuous roller. This helps you discover whether you require only a small piece, for example for closing a small hole, or for marking a specific point. Or whether you want to repair a long crack or a large hole quickly, reliably and easily.

With its extremely strong adhesive strength, close-ittape holds on the most diverse bases, where the glue effect of normal adhesive tape quickly reaches its maximum capacity.

For universal use, we have kept the adhesive tape close-ittape in white with tear-off lines. It can be labelled with permanent ink and locks gas-proof. Available in the classic close-it design, as well as close-ittape food & pharma, with a food-compatible adhesive.

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