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DT 510 / H

Bandelin produces ultrasound homogenizers with application-oriented accessories for routine operation as well as for use in research. The ultrasound homogenizers have been successfully implemented for over 25 years, for sample preparation in sewage and soil analysis, cell disruption, emulsification, reaction acceleration or for the production of very fine emulsions. In the laboratory, high-performance ultrasonic baths are used not only for the thorough cleaning of laboratory glass but also for the effective homogenization of samples.


SONOREX high power ultrasonic baths can be ordered with and without heating device.

Capacity of ultrasonic oscillating tanks:
from 0.9 to 90 litres

gambar 140 DH-01.jpg

Short cleaning times - no time consuming washing.
Also suitable for plastic pipettes, burettes and other glassware.


  • Gentle cleaning of glass volume-measuring devices and parts with lengths up to 755 mm

  • Heating optional (DH) for dissolving grease residues

  • Robust tank made of stainless steel (AISI 304)

  • Kipp handles for easy transport

  • Placement on the floor nearby the drain

  • Cleaning liquid for multiple use, fast emptying by ball valve

DT 106.jpg

Heavy duty ultrasonic baths for cleaning or sample treatment in aqueous liquids. Suitable for laboratory and respiratory protection area, industry, workshop and service area.
Stainless steel tank and housing
Drip water protected
With integral tank drain tap (G 1/2) for easy emptying 
Radio shielded


For the use in lab and pilot scale application:

- Disruption of cells
- Emulsifying of hardly mixable liquids.
- Deagglomeration of nanoparticles in material research 
- Acceleration of chemical reactions
- Production of dispersions

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