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AWS Automatic Weather Station

The new AWS Automatic Weather Station from ICT International provides flexibility, accuracy and value for money.Ready for Underwater Use

The AWS is supplied with a preconfigured set of sensors for Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Rainfall, and Solar Radiation or PAR.

Automatic Weather Station Package


Advanced Multi-function Logger. Weather Station Logger – Includes barometric pressure sensor corrected for elevation, 4GB Memory, internal battery, USB and Wireless Communication, IP65 Water proof enclosure and Windows Software.

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  • Geo, Civil and Environmental Engineering.

  • Hydrology Management.

  • Mine Site, Land Fill, Road & Railway Monitoring

  • Plant Canopy Monitoring

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Combined Met Station Includes: Wind speed and direction, temperature and relative humidity.

Global Solar Radiation Sensor (Pyranometer) with levelling plate. Standard option: 380nm to 1120nm wavelength. 5m cable. Advanced option: 305 to 2800nm, first class pyranometer.

Tipping bucket, stainless steel rain gauge. 0.2mm resolution, 2% accuracy. Cable length: 5m.

Product Overview

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