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Automatic Infiltration Meter

Product Overview 

The Automatic infiltration Meter (AIM) is an automated solution for the measurement of infiltration rate in soils. The AIM is a convenient solution for infiltration measurements that saves researchers time. The AIM relieves researchers time. The AIM relieves researchers  of the need to manually monitor their infiltrometer with a stop-watch and notepad.

The AIM automatically calculates cumulative infiltration (cm) as a function of time. converted and unconverted data is stored within the AIM and can be downloaded as a csv file for further data manipulation and analysis.

The AIM can support up to 5x Tension Infiltrometers or your own infiltrometer/permeameter with installation advice from ICT International.

The AIM is a fully self-contained unit with 4GB data logging capacity and an internal battery that will last several days field work. The battery is easily recharged with a 24 V power supply (CH24) . Communication is via a USB port or wireless connectivity. The AIM is IP-65 rated and has a Windows driven GUI interface.

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  • Unsaturated and saturated hydraulic conductivity

  • Hydrological modelling

  • Run-off and groundwater recharge estimation    

  • Irrigation practices

  • Waste water and mine site management



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  • Stand alone, wireless data logging

  • Automatic conversion of pressure transducer measurements to cumulative infiltration

  • Up to 5 X pressure transducers per AIM 

  • Low power requirement in the field, recharge battery at night

  • IP-65 weather proof rated



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