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Automated Aardvark Permeameter


These kit consist of an Aardvark Permeameter Kit (2840K1) for measurements shallower  than 3 m ( 11 ft) or 2840K2 for measurements deeper than 3 m) and a Digital Scale (7201W10) which can be connected to a personal computer (not included) and record the measurements automatically and accurately, using the Simply Data Software Suite.


There is no need to manually record data or perform the calculations, It is also possible to view the real-time graph of soil-water flux rate during the measurement period. This kit is a perfect option for laboratory experiments where it can easily be connected to a personal computer.

Automated Aardvark Permeameter can also be used in the field using a portable laptop computer. This model can even be used to take manual readings (when no PC is available).


Using the digital scale significantly adds to the accuracy of readings.

Product Overview 

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